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We are a boutique family law and estates firm located in the heart of Oakville. Our lawyers and staff have comprehensive experience in all family law, estate planning and estate administration matters. In family law, we provide negotiation, mediation, collaborative family law and litigation for clients with various needs, from uncontested divorces to those involving high conflict, difficult parenting disputes and complex support and property matters. Our estates team provides professional estate planning services, including wills, Powers of Attorney, insurance designations and trusts as well as administration of simple and complex estates.


Do you have a properly drafted, current Will that takes your unique circumstances into consideration? Whether your needs are complex or straightforward, we can help.


Within your Will or during your lifetime, trusts are a flexible estate planning tool.

Powers of Attorney

Do you have an up to date Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care? Have your say in who will make decisions for you if you ever become unable to make them for yourself.

Henson Trusts

Planning for beneficiaries with disabilities involves special considerations, particularly where government assistance (ODSP) is to be preserved. Is a fully discretionary Henson Trust right for you?

Insurance Trusts/Beneficiary Designations

Have you designated beneficiaries of your insurance policies and registered assets? We can help you prepare trusts for young or disabled beneficiaries that mirror the trust provisions in your Will.

Advising Executors and Trustees

Being appointed an Executor or Estate Trustee can seem daunting. We can help you understand your role and navigate issues that arise in the administration.

Probate Applications

What is Probate (or a Certificate of Estate Trustee With a Will)? As an Executor or Estate Trustee, do you need to apply for it? We can provide guidance and help you prepare the probate application.

Advising Attorneys for Property and for Personal Care

You want what is best for your loved ones, and as an Attorney for Property or an Attorney for Personal Care, you may have questions about your role. We can help you understand your role and obligations.

Elder Mediation


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