Business Manager




  • Fiona Bryan has been our business manager from the time we established our partnership and she came to Berry Gage LLP with many years’ experience managing a family law firm.

    Fiona understands that the matters we deal with are more than business transactions for our clients. She provides first-rate support to all of our clients at all stages of their legal proceedings.

    When you contact our firm for the first time Fiona will work with you to determine the best way we can meet your needs. She will provide you all of the information you may need about your options at the beginning of your legal process, our fees and all other administrative matters. She will schedule your meeting with one of our lawyers/mediators and she will see that you are prepared for that first meeting.

    As our clients progress through their legal process they know they can contact Fiona with their questions and concerns.

    You may reach Fiona at 905-338-7941 ext. 230 or email her at Fiona Bryan