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Estate Planning OVERVIEW

Estate Planning


  • At Berry Gage LLP, our estates and trusts department offers extensive experience in estate planning.

    We provide practical, professional and personalized advice with respect to Wills, Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care (sometimes called a living will in other jurisdictions), and trusts.

    From clients with less complex circumstances to clients with private company shares, blended families, spousal trusts, cottages, or Henson Trusts for disabled beneficiaries, we work with our clients to ensure they have considered all the relevant issues, and that their wishes are properly documented.

    We can work with you to ensure that assets that are not part of your Will can be held in trust for your minor beneficiaries, spouse, disabled beneficiaries, or others by using an insurance trust (or insurance declaration) or designation of beneficiary for your RRSPs, for instance. Your estate plan can be as flexible as you would like it to be. Your estate plan can include more than your Will and Powers of Attorney.

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