Estate Administration

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Estate Administration OVERVIEW

Estate Administration


  • Have you been appointed a Trustee under a Will? Has a loved one died without a Will, and you would like to understand how to proceed?

    At Berry Gage LLP, we are here to guide you, clarify your role as Trustee (or executor) and assist you with what can be complex processes and decisions. We will advise you about the obligations and responsibilities that come with your role so that you can make the best decisions under your unique circumstances.

    We are flexible and ready to assist you as much or as little as you like by:

    • Reviewing the Will
    • Reviewing or creating the inventory of assets and liabilities
    • Making a court application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with (or without) a Will only if necessary
    • Calculation of estates administration tax (probate fees)
    • Communicating with financial institutions and insurance companies on your behalf
    • Determining distribution to beneficiaries
    • Advising you with respect to the records and accounting required of an estate trustee
    • Reporting to beneficiaries

    At Berry Gage LLP, we are also here to advise Trustees at all stages of their role. If you are administering an inter vivos trust and have any questions, we can help.

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